Report on Anazao Conferences

Di and I have just spent 5 days with Peter Toth and Heather Scott of Anazao. The level 1 and 2 conference was excellent, and despite (or probably because of) its stretching some of our theological assumptions. Their way of ministering to the most broken of people is undoubtedly the most effective – and easiest – that I have experienced.

They effectively and quickly minister to DID and SRA victims without delving into the dungeons and dragons like labrynth that others seem to think is necessary, bringing rapid integration while preserving the dignity of the person and not giving the kingdom of darkness a stage to act upon.

Their method of carrying out deliverance resonates very strongly with the practice we learned from Dr Charles Kraft.

If there is any way you could get to one of their conferences or schools, whatever the cost, then do it! Details at

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3 Responses to Report on Anazao Conferences

  1. anony says:

    How do we get in touch with Charles Kraft?

  2. Yours Truly says:

    Hi. I’m a survivor of ritual abuse, and I went to a minister of the anazao method here in the United States– a woman from New Zealand who knows the Toths and ministered with their method. It was a very bad experience for many reasons. Most probably wouldn’t see it as the nightmare it was, but my friend who supported then me and took me to see the minister was even more discouraged than I was. I and some other friends read two of the Toth’s books and emailed him and Heather about my sessions with one of their ministers (about $300 per six-hour session). We weren’t satisfied with the outcome a nd the minister, whom the Toths keep in touch with never refunded our money (about $900) for what we thought were ‘services not rendered’. I felt better after the first session/day; but it turned out to be excitement. I received no healing deliverance, or restoration from 18 hours of ministry. I also know a survivor of ritual abuse in Australia who received ministry from the Toths who said he was totally resolved. He told me that his access cues/triggers had been shut off but that the alters remained along with some other issues. I have two questions:

    1. How much knowledge of ritual abuse and DID do people have who seem to worship the Toths’ method as something near perfect?

    2. Why don’t people take the knowledge the Toths have gathered and seek the Lord for more rather than seeking to apply to living souls methods and believing that methods and ‘mathematical equations’ can truly heal living tri-partite beings?

    Maybe you get the gist of my concern. We should accept the good, throw out the bad, and continue to seek the better. Good day.

    Yours Truly

  3. Mal says:

    I’m very sorry to hear of your bad experience. I can’t say much, not knowing the woman from whom you received ministry, nor what was done in the ministry, nor your own particular circumstances. I can say that you are not alone in having difficult experiences. After all, that’s what ritual abuse itself is designed for.

    I was not aware that the Toth’s endorsed anyone else to minister apart from themselves or had any financial arrangement with anyone else who claims (rightly or wrongly) to use their method.

    In answer to your first question, I don’t know anyone who worships the Toth’s method at all, let alone because they think it is near perfect, so I can’t say. Personally, I think it is far from perfect, but it does seem to have some distinct advantages over other methods commonly accepted among Christian ministries, much of which I find entirely unsatisfactory. Those who minister along with us are constantly learning more all the time. If we or anyone else was to claim that we knew it all then we would be fools. There is only One expert in the Kingdom of God.

    I have commented to the Toths and others that while Peter’s description of what happens in the brain seems to make more sense than the one commonly accepted by the psychiatric profession as outlined in the DSM4, it isn’t the whole story. I expect the Toths would agree. I guess this partly answers your second question too. I would add that I believe the teaching on dissociation needs to be extended beyond mere ministry to individuals, but also to broken organisations and societies. We all still have a great deal to learn and experience. So, I agree entirely with your final comment.

    Perhaps my comments above are not much of an answer for you, but fortunately I’m not the healer – that honour belongs to Jesus alone.

    Blessing to you,


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