Speaking in Tongues and Intimacy with Jesus

One of the most effective helps for the believer to move quickly and intimately into the presence of God is the Spiritual gift of speaking in tongues. It is a greatly neglected gift in the wider church, probably because a great deal of the available teaching is misleading, and sometimes deceptive, with a strong focus on the dangers, prompting believers to live in fear rather than faith, and very little teaching on the uses of this gift.

I was prompted by a comment by a friend to revisit my old article on speaking in tongues: Tongues – making it happen, on the Healing Prayer Ministries Network website. As a result I’ve writen the first of a series on this topic on my Speaking-in-Tongues blog. The first of these new articles is called Tongues five years on.

While I’ll be covering many different areas in these articles, such as their use in ministry, healing, and intercession, the primary purpose of all of these activities is not really service to God, but rather intimacy with Jesus. So the articles should be helpful for anyone wanting to move closer in their relationship with God.

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